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Whether it's a Dog Unit, SOCO Van, Armed Response Vehicle, Cell Van, Traffic Car or a Covert Application, EVO can! Specialist storage and work trailers, including defence and security applications have been designed and built, within exact standards and the need for a co-ordinated approach with other suppliers, offering a one-stop-shop service. The development and introduction of new style telematics and control systems has lead to a more integrated approach particularly where involvement within a vehicle CamBus is required. Involvement of camera and DVR recording equipment is fast becoming the 'norm' for many emergency service and commercial vehicles, so as to record and transmit, where required, important and sometimes encrypted data to control/management centres. EVO Installs and commissions CCTV systems into a wide range of vehicles. Additionally it can provide a back-up service across the country that remedies the failure of such emergency service equipment on vehicles, subject to respective maintenance agreements being in place. Other services offered include a total decommissioning programme for removal of all specialist equipment and liveries, with the option of transporting such vehicles to auction or other point of disposal.

If you need an efficient, reliable and cost effective vehicle conversion company in the future, then use our standards to measure your service delivery. Better still, why not contact us directly. If you don't, then you will never know...


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